Jewish Events


Please notice numerous weddings of Bar & Bat Mitzvahs and also Bar & Bat Mitzvahs of  the children of previous Brides & Grooms.  Now that’s tradition!

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Jewish Client List of Repeat Customers & Rabbis

7-22-84                       Addleson – Nissinoff Wedding                                                    Tifereth Israel

4-16-89                       Addleson – Levenson  Wedding                                                   Tifereth Israel

7- 8-90                        Addleson – Schiff Wedding                                                          Tifereth Israel

2-8-86                         Berlin, Mr. and Mrs. Howard – Wedding                                     Hotel Del

3-6-83                         Berlin Parent’s 40th Annv. Party                                                  

8-11-90                       Berlin Family Event                                                                         

5-2-98                         Berlin, Matthew Bar Mitzvah                                                         Tifereth Israel

11-4-00                       Berlin, Ariana Bat Mitzvah                                                             Tifereth Israel

8-27-89                       Berton – Botfeld Wedding                                                             Beth Israel

2-16-92                       Berton – Yenser Wedding                                                              Beth Israel

7-24-94                       Berton – Handler Wedding                                                            Beth Israel

7-14-02                       Berton-Persinger Wedding                                                            Mission Bay Hilton

10-26-91                     Blake, Joshua Bar Mitzvah                                                             Beth Israel

2-11-95                       Blake, Melinda Bat Mitzvah                                                           Beth Israel

1-17-87                       Breziner, Arieh Bar Mitzvah                                                           Beth Jacob

1-24-90                       Breziner, Yonatan Bar Mitzvah                                                      Beth El

2-11-06                       Breziner, Ilana – Dashe Wedding                                                  Dana Inn

11-14-87                     Bloom – Rovenger Wedding                                                          Beth Israel

4- 8-90                        Bloom – Cantor Wedding                                                               Beth Israel

11-27-04                     Cantor, Rachel Bat Mitzvah                                                           Temple Emanu El

9- 5-93                        Cantor – Byrnes Wedding                                                              Hyatt

6-12-94                       Cantor – Blume Wedding                                                               Princess Resorts

7-12-92                       Dossick Wedding for Rabbi & Mrs. Wayne Dossick

4-19-86                       Dychter, Sammy Bar Mitzvah                                                        Beth Jacob

9- 8-90                        Dychter, Alex Bar Mitzvah                                                             Beth Jacob

11-28-92                     Dychter-Blumenfeld Wedding                                                       U.S. Grant

9-20-86                       Elovitz , Anna & Adam B’not Mitzvah                                        Beth Am

9-04-06                       Elovitz, Anna & Josh Hamrell Wedding                                      Beverly Glen, Beverly Hills

9-01                            Elovitz, Adam & Dawn DeYoung Wedding                                Beth Am

9- 3-95                        Elovitz, David – Strauss Wedding                                                Tifereth Israel

6-84                            Elovitz, David – Bar Mitzvah                                                          Tifereth Israel

7-3-03                         Feldman, Uri Wedding                                                                    Beth El

5-4-85                         Feldman, Dan Bar Mitzvah                                                             Beth El

11-2-91                       Feldman, Dalia Bat Mitzvah                                                           Beth Israel

10-21-84                     Handler – Shoemaker Wedding                                                     Sheraton West

6-30-85                       Handler-Penner  Wedding Son of the late Rabbi Samuel Penner     Beth Tefilah

6-28-87                       Katsell, Noah Bar Mitzvah                                                             Beth El

10-26-04                     Katsell, Noah Wedding                                                                  Hyatt La Jolla

3-10-91                       Kopikis-Berkstein Wedding Daughter of Rabbi Aaron Kopikis

7-28-84                       Levy , Alex & Erica B’not Mitzvah                                               Beth Israel

10-20-96                     Levy, Alex-Larry Katz Wedding                                                    Hyatt Islandia

7- 6-97                        Levy, Erica -Levesque Wedding                                                   Singing Hills

11-30-85                     Levy, Lori Bat Mitzvah                                                                   Temple Emanu El

3-28-87                       Levy, Lisa Bat Mitzvah                                                                   Temple Emanu El

3-24-90                       Levy, Tammi Bat Mitzvah.                                                              Temple Emanu El

8-21-04                       Levy, Tammi-Anderson Wedding                                                Grand Pacific Palisades

12-28-95                     Meis – Bruch Wedding                                                                  Tifereth Israel

3-11-06                       Meis, Ben Bar Mitzvah                                                                   Temple Emanu El

8-18-01                       Meis,  Rachel Bat Mitzvah                                                             Temple Emanu El

2-22-03                       Michan, Zuri Bar Mitzvah                                                              Beth El

5-12-90                       Michan, David Bar Mitzvah                                                           Beth El          

6-22-83                       Middleman 25th Anniversary                                                         

6-17-84                       Middleman-Muller Wedding                                                         Beth El

6-21-87                       Middleman-Jaffee Wedding                                                           Beth El

8-24-91                       Moss, Jake Engel Bar Mitzvah Son of Rabbi Sheldon Moss

3-19-05                       Reifman, Eden Bat Mitzvah                                                            Beth Israel

1-29-00                       Reifman, Adam Bar Mitzvah                                                          Beth Israel

11-11-89                     Ruben, Alexis Bat Mizvah                                                              Adat Shalom

11-18-95                     Ruben, Natalie Bat Mizvah                                                             Adat Shalom

9-13-86                       Slipock, Samantha Bat Mitzvah                                                     Beth Israel

5-25-00                       Slipock, Samantha Wedding                                                          Hotel Del

7-22-89                       Slipock, Love – Bat Mitzvah                                                           Beth Israel

9-5-04                         Slipock, Love – Zubiller Wedding                                                 Ritz Carlton

6- 4-88                        Sternfield,Robin Bat Mitzvah, Daughter of Rabbi Michael Sternfield

12-6-86                       Zweig, Dara Bat Mitzvah                                                                Tifereth Israel

6-11-01                       Zweig, Leo Wedding                                                                       Hilton Torrey Pines

(partial list of over 3,200 events since 1981)